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GM vs Non GM food

Episode: Our State on A Plate Royal Show special
Broadcast: 27th September 2015
Presenter: Lee Steele

Genetically modified food has been a controversial topic for decades, Lee Steele learns of the benefits and potential risks of genetically modified food compared to normally grown food.

  • Genetically modified food means plants or animals that have been genetically engineered in a lab, genes transferred from one unrelated species to another.
  • Because the genes chosen to be genetically modified are desirable, they enhance the nutritional, productive and ecological value of the produce.
  • Some benefits include crops being more productive and have larger yields, more environmentally friendly as they require less herbicide and pesticides, and potentially more nutrition and flavour with the product although this is debatable.
  • Despite its benefits, there is a lot about genetic modification that scientists still do not understand. Genetically modified food must undergo more safety testing than any other agriculture product, including conventional or organic crops.
  • There is no accurate prediction about the long term effects that GM food has on Humans or the environment due to the risk of genetic instability.
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