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Seafood Barbeque (Recipe)

Episode: Our State on a Plate Royal Show Special
Broadcast: 27th September 2015
Presenter: Peter Manifis

Pete’s WA Seafood Platter Recipe:

- WA Lobster
- Cockburn Sound Cuttlefish
- Rottnest Island King Prawns
- Cottosloe King George Whiting
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Lake Debra Salt (Or normal salt)
- Pepper
- Flat white onions
- Blood Oranges
- Rhubarb
- Tomatoes
- Chopped parsley

1) Preheat your barbeque as you prepare all of your seafood.
2) Slice your lobster in half horizontally; it’s up to you whether to clean the head out or not. Make small cuts along the King George Whiting; ensure that it has been gilled, gutted and skulled before you do so.
3) Season your whiting and lobster with salt, pepper and olive oil and put the lobster and whiting inside your barbeque, let them cook for about five minutes.
4) While they cook, prepare your salsa by slicing your flat white onions, thin cuts. Peel your rhubarb and slice it up. Dice your orange into nice reasonable sized chunks, dice your tomatoes and put them all in a bowl.
5) Hand mix your salsa bowl with all the chopped ingredients and pour a splash of extra virgin olive oil onto it, a few twists of salt and pepper and pour in some of your chopped parsley, hand mix it all again.
6) By now your lobster and fish are ready to be turned over, after turning over your fish, it is time to put in your cuttlefish, season your cuttlefish with salt and pop it on the barbeque, pour a bit of olive oil over the prawns and place them in with the cuttlefish.
7) After your lobster and whiting have cooked for two to three minutes, take them out of the barbeque and put them onto the platter. Get your salsa and spread on top of the lobster and fish, finish off by slicing up your cuttlefish and taking out your prawns, place them onto the platter.
8) Any left over salsa should be placed onto the platter. Serve up and enjoy!

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