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The Mushroom Guys

Story: The Mushroom Guys
Episode: 6
Presenter: Scott Bridger
Air Date: 16 May 2021

One of the most important things to the ethos at Bib & Tucker is sourcing locally and supporting WA producers. Exec Chef Scott Bridger heads to one of his favourites, the Mushroom Guys.

  • The Mushroom Guys are a go-to for all the fungi needs at Bib & Tucker. Not only are they right around the corner in Kardinya, they have sustainability and renewable farming practices at the top of their priorities.
  • Did you know the Mushroom Guys use Jarrah waste from the timber industry as their main growing medium?
  • They also don’t use any sprays or harmful chemicals in the growing of their mushrooms, plus all their mushrooms are grown in Perth so they keep the food miles low.
  • The Mushroom Guys grow their mushrooms vertically which significantly reduces the amount of land they need to use to grow the plants which differs from traditional farming methods.
  • Gourmet mushrooms might feel daunting but they’re actually incredibly versatile in the kitchen. At Bib & Tucker Scott uses them in his dish of Grilled oyster mushrooms, Seaweed XO and crispy chicken skin.
  • To get your own gourmet mushrooms has never been easier, the Mushroom Guys deliver locally too!